Modeen Quality

At Modeen Company in Minneapolis, MN, we know that homeowners seeking new or replacement windows are concerned about quality products, good value, and lasting beauty. But we also know all about the practical long-term realities of new windows and doors. It goes beyond ease-of-use, insulation value, and low maintenance. It gets right down to the quality of the “total built-in package” which every new and replacement installation becomes. At Modeen, we’ve been working at the top professional level for over 50 years, serving the window installation needs of both commercial properties and residential homes throughout the entire metro area of Minneapolis and St.Paul.

Modeen Windows Project

At Modeen, we handle every project with care and concern for lasting performance and long-term value. With our experience of servicing every type of house or building, you can rely on our detailed recommendations and structural knowledge about windows and doors.

Value Pricing

We’re a smaller, much more personal company than the large window and door sellers, contractors and installers. We bring this very personal care and high professionalism to every job we do. You know that when you’re dealing with Modeen Company, you’re in direct contact with the owner, decision-maker, installer, and man-in-charge of doing everything right for you. We don’t use hired crews who install as a run-of-the-mill and just another day’s work. Everybody cares about perfection at Modeen Company.