Working with Modeen Company is a different experience than dealing with other contractors in the same industry of window and door replacement. You will not receive the pressure close of getting a large discount if you sign on the dotted line today. You will not hear a fast talking sales rep who only cares about closing a sale and not meeting the needs and wants that you as a customer want from a remodel. Modeen Company listens to you and what you want. They work with you to meet your budget on a project. The carpenters that actually do the work have decades of experience in window and door replacement. They are fully trained on how to properly replace windows and doors. I have not only had them work on my own home, but the have also worked on my parent’s home and several of my friends’ home. If you are looking to replace your windows and doors, Modeen Company is the only company that you should choose. You will receive quality work at a fair price and you will never have buyers remorse for decades after the work is completed.

Heath Z,

Property Management


We love the door! Did we tell you that a neighbor walked by and told (our installer) she wanted the exact same door for her house?  I noticed yesterday that some neighbors were looking at the new door the entire time they walked by, including backward stares.

Apparently everyone at Modeen Company is a nice person. It must be a prerequisite of working there.  I have nothing but good to say about you, Modeen Company, and your staff and installers.

Cliff Thomes,