A new front entry door can improve the curb appeal of your home, and help increase your home’s energy efficiency. If your entry door is showing any of these signs of wear, it may be time for replacement.


One of the top ranking home improvements, in terms of return on investment, is a new front entry door.

Here are the top signs your front entry door may be in need of replacement:

Drafts – aging doors will have aging seals – they dry out over time, causing them to shrink and crack – which allows the drafts in.

Cracks – cracks may indicate that your front entry door is structurally weak.

Moisture – condensation build-up between panes of glass can lead to wood rot as well as health concerns due to the growth of mold and mildew.

Squeaks – If your door hinges squeak, they’re shouting for you to replace them.

Scrapes – old doors tend to warp and sag, which contributes to difficulty opening and closing them as they scrape across the floor surface.

At Modeen we work with several top window and door manufacturers, and are factory trained and certified installers for many of them. With our 50+ years of expertise installing windows and doors throughout the Twin Cities, we can help you identify any issues with your windows and doors and find replacement solutions that fit your home design as well as your project budget.

Choosing from among the myriad options available – style, material, manufacturer, etc – can be overwhelming, but since we do this every day we can really save you time by cutting through all the clutter. We’ll make a recommendation that best fits your home, then send our trained team to install your new door or window. We’ll work with you from measurements through door installation, ensuring a perfect look and fit every time.

Contact us today to get started!

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